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Reverend Ross Holtz

Ross has been pastoring for the last 44 years. He founded The Summit EFC 30 years ago and continues to serve as the Senior Pastor today. His eldest son leads worship and both grandsons are on the worship team.

He attended Criswell College back in Dallas in the 70’s and holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies and a D.D. from Columbia Evangelical Seminary. His ordination is with the Evangelical Free Church of America.

Most recently Ross received the “Pastor of the Year” award from the National Coalition of Ministries to Men at their Reload Convention in Little Rock, AR, and is the author of “Are You in the Game or in the Way: A Question for Pastors and Men’s Ministry Leaders” (Redemption Press 2017). He also has contributed to two other books, “How to Disciple Men” and “If You Passed Your Baton.”


Story Behind The Blog

There is an old Scandinavian saying that was taught to me by my father, an old Scandinavian. He told me, “You cannot defeat a man who will not be defeated. You can kill him, cook him, and eat him, but you can’t defeat him unless he’s willing to be defeated.” Later I...

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It is a new day…

I have been being pushed for some time  by friends, Chuck Stecker specifically, and my wife, Athena Holtz, to begin a blog. I’m just beginning, obviously, and it will take a little time to find my footing and get this whole thing started. Thanks for dropping by and...

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